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Asu Preparatory Academy-Polytechnic Elementary9

Mesa, AZ | Maricopa County


February 19, 2015

We recently asked for more information so that we can make an educated assessment of whether we want our son to attend this school. Not only could they not provide additional information about their academia and/or student culture, but they encouraged us to submit an online interest form if an opening should occur. As active parents, we felt underwhelmed by their response and lack of communication for prospective students and their parents.

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October 31, 2014

My children attended for 5 years and the decline is sad. The test scores are getting lower and lower. The public schools are performing better! The school teaches to the lower middle learners and they have 32 kids in the classroom. A huge casino looms over the property/playground. We took our kids out and found they were lacking test taking skills, math facts as well as language art skills.

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October 29, 2014

ASU Prep Poly elementary is an amazing school. Couldn't be happier with the quality of education my kids receive

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October 21, 2014

We attended for 4 years and it has been going down hill! Way over crowded classrooms, discipline issues and lack of involved parents. The test scores have dropped lower each year yet the school only adds more kids. Really chaotic and the curriculum is ever changing. ASU Prep has sadly lost focus!

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October 14, 2014

ASU Prep is an amazing school. The teachers are phenomenal! My oldest child has been there for 7 years now, with both younger siblings at school there now as well. I never thought my love for a school could grow with each additional year there, but for ASU Prep, it does. The teachers really get to know your kids and help you make decisions that are best for them. The focus on STEM education has my 7th grader in Lego Robotics, researching current technologies in order to solve problems by designing future technology, and designing their own mobile phone apps. My 2nd grader is reading chapter books, doing research for presentations and learning multiplication. My preschooler tells me every day about the "works" they do. I could not be happier with the level of education they are receiving.

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June 22, 2014

The teachers are absolutely amazing and they teach beyond the standard curriculum. Each child is challenged at and beyond their individual levels and every single student has an ILP which teachers, students and parents communicate quarterly about together. Spanish begins in Kindergarten and there are quarterly summative evenings where students present their outstanding work to their families. This school is truly impressive!

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January 16, 2014

With the new school year, Fall 2013, ASU Prep at the Poly campus opened a new elementary school with a lot of wonderful resource updates. A playground, new computers, and interactive stations have added a much needed, and appreciated, outlets for the children to learn, play and interact. My children have been attending for four years and compared to other public schools, I appreciate how this school is centered around the child's learning needs and not teaching every child the same.

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January 3, 2014

Wow, this school really went downhill after a few years. It has the most inconsistent lineup of teaching staff I've ever seen, it wasn't even in a full facility despite being on a college campus, and it's really quite sad how much the school's philosophy has changed from when it started. Most of the Students are miserable and don't even enjoy being in school, or at least this is coming from a former ASU Prep High School student(left the school, and good riddance).

November 4, 2013

ASU Prep Academy is absolutely amazing. We moved our children from a small school where they had a lot of attention, but it was lacking in the academics area. We are more than impressed with the level of leadership at the school, the teachers are absolutely outstanding and care so much about the children. The unique setup of the school and the classrooms allows for a very independent but structured dynamic (it may not be or everyone, but it works very well and would urge parents to come for a tour). I have been very happy with the level of progress my children are making as well as the way that they are assessed. They do not miss a beat and I can honestly say that my children are under such wonderful care. The communication has been very good. I read the other review and I am honestly surprised another parent feels that way, but all I can say is that communication between parents and teachers goes both ways - the principal and the teachers have a lot of parents to interact with and it is our job as parents to ask for the resources and tools that we need to help support our students if we feel there is a deficiency. Bottom line: so far so good - we love the school!!

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August 30, 2013

We are new to ASU Prep's Mesa campus and we pulled out our child from Queen Creek school district after a couple of weeks of classes. At the other school, our child's Language Arts class was terrific, we purchased four books just in the first couple of weeks. They had a two page assignment due at the beginning of the third week and the "Battle of the books" was commencing shortly afterwards. At ASU Prep, I am still waiting for a list of books to be purchased and frankly nothing so far. Their Language Arts class is a joke and people seem to forget that English Grammar and Composition skills are major factors in getting accepted by a reputable University. No, I am not referring to ASU... it's far from being good at #139 National Ranking. So, pretty much we made a huge mistake in moving her to ASU's Prep but it's too late to stress over it. Does our child like ASU Prep? Of course... NO homework yesterday at all but she does not get away with that. We homeschool her on the subjects the school is lacking. ps. I still don't know who the School Principal is... she never introduced herself to us.

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