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December 26, 2013

I have been really impressed with the curriculum and teachers at BioScience. It is true that they expect a lot from the students, don't put up with 'slacking', and my child has a lot of homework each week. But I've seen a change in the way he is able to view a 'bigger' perspective, and make connections to the real world. He is convinced with hard work, he can change the world, and I believe him. Parents do have to take an active approach to know what their child is doing, and that can be frustrating at times. However, I think the administration and teachers are trying to get the students to be proactive and take responsibility. I receive responses fairly quickly to my emails to teachers, and I have learned to monitor the technology students use, so I'm aware of updates and new assignments. It isn't a school for everyone, but if your child is interested in science and making a difference in the world, I certainly think you should look at it.

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October 19, 2013

This school promotes itself as being one of the highest ranking in the nation. Sounds great, right? I have to wonder if it's because they remove students that are struggling. I specifically asked the principal what the success rate was, and we were told 100%. I believe they thought I was asking about graduation rate. I guess I should have asked how many students leave this school to attend another. They start out with about 100 students freshmen year but only have about 40 seniors. I don't know that I would consider this successful. Don't get me wrong, they did warn us this isn't for everyone but we were also told they are "very good" at identifying the student that would fit in. How can that be true if 50-60% leave by their senior year. As for the good, all the students that are attending do love this school, including our child. They have great experiences and are so very talented. I recommend anyone considering this school to really think about it and be prepared for ups and downs. I wish I had consulted with other parents before agreeing to this school. Our child is still attending and loves it but often feels like a failure because of the high expectations.

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May 5, 2013

Bio-Science has been a fantastic spring board for my son. The students here want to learn. Some slackers but they were weeded out within months. The teachers have the highest credentials of any I have seen. Dr DeeDee along with board have set standards high and encourage students to take risks to excel. If your student has worked hard enough to be accepted . Take it

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September 2, 2012

Everyone that attends, attended, or is planning to attend, need to realize that this isn't a normal high school. The expectations are very high and can be very overwhelming to some. Though, this is great in preparing you for college, which the majority of high schools don't do. Also, the teaching here is different. Teachers at this school don't use text books as most teachers would. The courses/ lessons are planned to take you through a "journey" of events, leading up to one final thing. As a heads up, this isn't the school for everyone. Freshman classes have up to 100 students, and by the time they become seniors, that class will have at most 50 students.

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August 13, 2012

i HATE THIS SCHOOL never come to this school, teachers dont help you at all, this school at first my seem good and all that, but its different when you sit down and do work. They grade you different and everything has to be perfect. I love going to school, but when I enter this school, the first day, everything turn out wrong. i hated going to school, i never want to return to that school ever again. I move after the two weeks, and i feel better. That school could have affected me alot. if you do what they ask it's meeting. I never understood anthing, the teachers dont teach you correct. Everything bad. Dont come to this school.

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July 16, 2012

I HATED this school . I only spent one year there ! At first i loved the school at FIRST , but as the school year progressed the teachers started showing true colors. They are picky with every thing . If you dont do something the EXACT way they want you to you'll fail whatever the assignment was . The teachers dont offer help most times they'll just say 'you probably weren't paying attention' ! They dont teach us (the students)We , the students have to teach eachother . I always loved going to school ! But when i came here i hated it ! It was torture .!

July 6, 2012

My granddaughter (GD) was to have been a senior here, having attended since a freshman. In late June, she and her parents attended a meeting that was requested by my daughter to on how to make up for some sub-standard grades that my GD)received in the last semester, even though her "progress reports" were very positive. At this meeting the principal said that my GD wasn't to return as a senior because some "contract" (that no one, even the teachers, were aware of) had been violated. My GD's parents have always had an active interest and participation in her education, However, at this school, not only were they NOT informed there were problems, they wouldn't have even known that they had to start looking for a new school for an upcoming senior, had they not called for this meeting. Also, my GD was told that she could make up her missed homework and receive passing grades and this contract was violated by the teachers and principal. Further attempts to contact the principal have been ignored and I recommend that students go to a place where honesty and professionalism is practiced by the staff.

April 12, 2012

I am a freshman at BHS & Id have to say its pretty overwhelming. I had always been an outstanding student,top of my class,good grades, many friends,but once I started attending Bioscience,things changed. I feel that I have slowly lost confidence in my education throughout my Freshman year,my grades were great b4 but things began to get more difficult & I wasnt doing as well as I had b4. Not only have my grades gotten worse,but the ppl have changed me also.I was always a very polite person but the students here at BHS have been exposed to the ugly side of me.Plenty of the students here at BHS are stuck up & feel they are better because of how smart/successful they are,which I really don't understand.The teaching here is different also,I personally think it's sort of laziness, we have to do these reflections every other week called SARS & let me tell you now, it's very time consuming, especially if you actually have a life,it frustrates you.You get loads & loads of work, they say "You grade yourself" but thats not the case,you still need to turn in assignments/tests/etc that helps determine your grade.One good thing abt BHS is the enviroment, there is NO BULLYING so its very safe (:

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March 6, 2012

You have to expirience the school yourself. (If you get the chance) The teachers are great and the students there are pretty nice. When you apply and get the tours everything sounds so beautiful, but once your sitting on the desks everythings so different. It also depends on the student other seem to blend in more than some. Hope you find a school for you.

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February 15, 2012

Transfer . . . . . . Smh It depends on the type of person you are . because this school is only for specif types of students .

December 23, 2011

This school really prepares you to become a learner in life. At BHS, we like to dig deep into the meaning of what makes us human, and what is the point of everything and anything that happens in the world. Bioscience provides above and beyond faculty, in order to bring out the learner in every student. With an amazing science, and math curriculum, Bioscience is the school meant to guide your student into an amazing career in science. Besides all that fun stuff, Bioscience is a safe haven for anyone, making every student feel comfortable and almost at home. Beyond that, Bioscience implements that anything can be accomplish with the ability to learn. As a student myself, learning has become the most helpful tool. So come on, if your student is interested in science, math, or basically just wants to become a better learner, bring them down to Bioscience High School: Where learning reaches its fullest!

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May 24, 2009

I've attended this school for two years now. The teachers are very helpful in the learning process, but they also give students a chance to learn on their own. The students have motivation to go 'Above and Beyond' as is the standard for the grade of an 'A,' and not only the students, but the teachers are also willing to go 'Above and Beyond' in helping the students to reach their full potential.

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November 20, 2008

This school is great it has a great environment for students and the teachers there are great they will work with you one on one.

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September 24, 2008

i am a student there and i luv the school

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September 1, 2008

this school is great for students who want to pursue a career in science. It has 4 principles of the school authentic learning, personalization,scholarly endeavors, and multiple perspectives.

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