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March 4, 2015

After researching every school in AZ, I am so glad I chose Archway North Phoenix. I have 2 kids here (K & 2nd). Both are doing great, which is a result of the amazing, loving, invested teachers. Yes it is academically rigorous, but they teach up to EVERY child, and give tutoring when needed. Lots of individual attention with a full-time and assistant teacher per class. Students also have classes 2/week (with a specialized teacher) in Music, French, Art, and P.E. They offer after-school sports and clubs like running, choir, astronomy, chess, recorder, soccer, basketball, flag football, drawing, drama. Teaching is based on the Socratic method so students are engaged and interact with the teacher. I also like that they give comprehensive written evaluations, not just a letter grade, and grade as much on "depth of inquiry and sense of wonder" as on proficiency. Great activities and field trips with parent chaperones, including, the zoo, AZ Science Center, The Nutcracker, farms, horse ranch, symphony performance at the school, movie nights, plays, Greek Olympic competition, etc. The school emphasizes honesty, integrity, humility, courage, perseverance, friendship - and it shows.

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December 26, 2013

This is our first year at Archway, and we are thrilled! Previously, my daughter was at a highly rated traditional public school in Scottsdale. We were frustrated, because her performance was mediocre, but it didn't seem as though she was adequately challenged. She is in second grade, and the work at Archway is leap and bounds above what we were seeing from her last year. There is quite a bit more homework, but it seems to give family time a little more substance! I enjoy reading with her as the required material is classical and substantive. The poetry memorization is beyond my expectations, and my daughter has mastered all of the memorization assignments. In addition to the academics she is learning values and responsibility. I can't ever imagine going back to traditional school.

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November 8, 2013

Very impressed. Finally found a school for my son where he can be challenged to excel. Since emigrating from England, this is the first school I've encountered where I've thought that the level of the lessons are age-appropriate. The general academic level of teaching at every other school we've looked at (and tried) in Phoenix is very poor, being about 1-2 years too low per grade compared to an equivalent European education.

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September 20, 2013

We have been very happy with the school. our son came from public school and adjusted very well. Teachers are great and helpful. Discipline is required and expected, and kids get used to that quickly. Curriculum is challenging, but my son is so interested in everything they did in history or science, that it has not been a burden at all.

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March 1, 2013

Since coming from public school to North Phoenix Prep our whole family is very pleased. My daughter is challenged and receiving A's and a couple B's and has adjusted nicely. Everyone at this school has always been positive, caring and respectful. I have yet to hear anything negative come from any of the teacher's mouths. I am particularly impressed with how organized the school is especially for it being their first year. I would have given the school 5 stars if there was a music and drama program and some playground equipment. Other than that I am blessed to have all 3 children between Archway North Phoenix and N. Phoenix Prep.

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February 25, 2013

I am so grateful for NPPA and their wonderful environment. The teachers are fantastic! The personal attention my child receives both in and out of class is incredible. These teachers give so much of their time providing before and after school tutoring. It is a challenging curriculum but any child who is willing to work hard and take on a challenge can be successful at NPPA. The headmaster is very hands on and is quick to address concerns that arise. Additionally, the parent community is active. The character of the school is outstanding. Academically there is no comparison to our previous school as NPPA is far superior.

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December 20, 2012

Coming from a small private school, we were impressed! Curriculum is FAR more challenging, teachers are of a higher caliber, Headmaster is great and our kids love it. Teachers are motivated, kids are kind, respectful and responsible. Not at all snooty like some preps or private schools. Uniforms required, but kids like them and look great. Just waiting for a band program so I can give them 5 stars. Lots of opportunities for parents to participate...it's welcomed here.

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