What does it mean to work at Stunning Homes Realty?

After reading Delivering Happiness by the CEO of Zappos, I thought it would be cool if SHR did its own culture book. Everybody on the team jumped on the opportunity, and this is the awesome result!

Being part of something bigger than ourselves is something each person inherently possesses. This desire is what attracted to me to partner up with Steve Trang at the infancy of Stunning Home’s Realty.  The brokerage was started more as a Team concept where everyone had different roles but ultimately had to effectively communicate and coordinate with one another for a successful transaction and customer experience.  And while that paradigm has shifted into a full scale brokerage, the attitude and culture of togetherness will always be ingrained in us. Even though we are all highly successful and competitive by nature we view our group as friends and colleagues first, competitors last.  One of the quotes I can think to help understand the philosophy we have “a rising tide lifts all boats”. To me this means as owners we cannot and will not successful unless all our agents are experiencing success. After being in with a few different brokerages in my career I wanted to help create a place that new agents can come too to get real advice, training and mentorship on how to be successful in this business. That’s exactly what Steve and I have started here and I couldn’t be happier with where we are at now.

-Ryan Nager

I have been asked many times why I chose Stunning Homes Realty as my brokerage. As I read the book (Delivering Happiness) and worked through a lot and processed it internally, I realized that it isn’t just a brokerage, it’s a culture that we have. Our culture is unique and could be deemed as unconventional, but I personally would not want us to be any other way. That right there, doing something against the grain, is precisely why I choose Stunning Homes Realty. We are innovators, creators and honestly, damn good at what we do.

This is a true homegrown brokerage. I remember the day it opened and I was there for the “opening” and remember feeling a sense of pride…and I hadn’t even made a decision to join it yet. While we are unconventional, I can say with certainty that we take care of our clients all around as they have expressed it numerous times. I’ve had clients past and present that are truly in awe of what we do here. Going the extra mile, bending over backwards, being creative and finding solutions that work for them, not a template but curtailed to their specific needs and wants. While these kudos are awesome, they come from the environment that we have created within the brokerage. Also, it’s not just an environment that you can thrive in; it’s an environment of opportunity with amazing support systems.

While we all have our individual goals and what we want to achieve, I know with 100% fact that everyone in this office, has everyone’s back and best interest. When people see our success, it drives me, our team and the brokerage to do even bigger and better things. #micdrop

-Matthew Potter

When someone asks me why I choose to work for Stunning Homes Realty, my answer is quite simple and always the same. We are distinguished. This brokerage and the agents in it are committed to excellence and distinctively strive to make our clients feel like a priority and worth respect. There is also a level of comradery between associates that is truly unmatched. Not only do our agents work in a team driven atmosphere, we are all dedicated to building a successful environment. There are tools and resources that are available to us that make our clients feel completely engaged in the process of their home buying or selling experience. Our clients have complimented us on the fact that they do not feel like a number here, they feel like family. We value time and believe in aligning to focus and devise strategies to help our clients and each other succeed. I pride myself on being part of this exceptional group and wouldn’t have it any other way. ~Reputation and Brand are not one in the same. Relevancy, differentiation, and legitimacy is required and your reputation will exceed your logo.~

-Nicole Allen

When I first got licensed, I interviewed with 5 different brokerages. I did my homework. I knew I wanted an environment with like-minded people. Those who had energy, spirit and a connectedness among them. What I realized during that first year in a huge company was that culture was more of a theory, not an everyday practice. 

That's why I made the transition to Stunning Homes. Not only was there a model for growth and sustainability with training, but there was an electricity I felt side by side with my team. We simply understand that each day we are building, and that every opportunity, review, and contribution is important. It's bigger than money and it has momentum. The 'why' at our brokerage is infused in our people therefore delivering an experience that clients will talk about.

-Meg Wall

Having other agents who wholeheartedly support each other’s success, has a very positive effect on me, especially when the rest of the business is such a dog eat dog world. Another product that elevates the mentality here is everyone has such a strong desire to grow as individuals within our family culture that is so apparent. After regular day to day interaction with our industry peers, I get the sense each client only represents a number or a commission for many other companies. Here at Stunning Homes, I feel I can truly have a higher purpose of building a deep relationship and cultivating a happy client. When the norm is to create a client who rants and raves about their experience, the commissions and success naturally follow. On top of that, having a team you can lean on for expertise in unfamiliar areas without any expectations of a return is invaluable. The most prevalent culture value I appreciate is that we practice business by an honest and integrity-driven code, which affirms me to stand behind my business 100% and know that I am building more than a business. With that in mind, coming into the office each day, where a positive can-do attitude thrives makes my career full of purpose and happiness as a member of SHR!

 -Trevor Bradley

I came to Stunning Homes Realty (SHR) on the trusting wing and guidance of old friends and business partners. Vacating the very corporate world of mortgage servicing was the easy part, but leaving behind a steady pay check was not. Every day for 10 months, I looked into the sweet sad eyes of my 4 beloved dogs as I left for work and said, “I’m going to find a way to work from home.” Remembering this promise, I decided to take the plunge and join SHR. It wasn’t long before I realized why out of a plethora of brokerages, my friends chose to come here. SHR is a circus of full unique performers who expertly showcase their individual talents in the real estate arena alongside their fearless Ring Leader, Steve Trang. Through countless webinars, conventions, meetings, and happy hours, each performer works tirelessly to take their performance to the next level. Some days they are jumping through fire hoops, taming a circle of 5 hungry lions, or contorting themselves in all sorts of unnatural ways to ensure the happiness of their clients. The job is never easy, but the rewards are always worth the blood, sweat and tears. Their mission, however simple, is to create the Greatest Show on Earth. The proof is in the smiling faces featured in the “Happy Homeowners” portion of the monthly newsletter.

Like any good Circus, SHR is always on the move and in search of new ways to make their show bigger, brighter and maybe a little bit weird. Our team wholeheartedly understands that waiving your freak flag and being a professional seem similar to walking a tightrope suspended 30 feet in the air. Nevertheless, the team is the wide sea of netting below to catch you should you fall. I consider myself fortunate to be surrounded by a group of such stardom and gaze towards the horizon with a heart full of hope and adventure.

-Marissa Koretski

I’ve only been with Stunning Homes Realty for a couple of weeks, but there are several reasons that I wanted to be a part of the company. Stunning Homes Realty is on the cutting edge of technology and client service with above-average Agents who truly care about their clients. From the beginning it was obvious that the Agents truly care about the well-being of their clients and go above and beyond the call of duty to make sure their clients have a wonderful experience when buying or selling their homes. The comradery of the office is second to none. Although all of the Agents are Independent Contractors, and technically competitors, they are a team. They enjoy each other’s company outside of the office and help each other succeed within the office. I’m truly grateful to have found this company and look forward to a successful future with my new family.

-Lisa McDaniel

As a new agent, not only to SHR, but also to the Real Estate Industry, people give out a lot of “free advice” telling me
to go to a bigger company to get their training and only then should you consider going with a smaller brokerage. The environment in the office exudes support and confidence. There is a lot of interaction in the office that provides for shared experiences and advice that is helpful to a new agent like myself. It is clear that everyone wants to be here and see everyone within SHR succeed!  I am very satisfied with choosing SHR because here, everyone is looking out for one another while primarily wanting to provide the absolute best home buying experience we can offer!

-Brian White

When we founded Stunning Homes Realty, we knew we wanted to change the home buying and selling experience. Buying or selling a home for most people will be one of the most stressful events in their lives. Our purpose is to remove the stress and make each and every client’s experience as positive as possible. We do this by providing the highest quality of customer service from the initial phone call and consultation, throughout the buying and selling process, and for years after the sale. Our goal for each client that we serve is that they will be so delighted by our service that they will want to refer their friends and family back to us. One of my favorite quotes is from the great Zig Ziglar.

“You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help enough other people get what they want.”

I heard this quote when I first got into real estate, and it has stuck with me throughout my entire career. In fact, it’s essentially one of our core values when we started Stunning Homes Realty. From reading about Zappos, Costco, and Southwest Airlines, I learned that if we want everyone on our team to deliver our message to our clients, then we must first deliver the same quality of service to each and every member of our team. We commit every single day to serving our agents and employees. We build them into better leaders and help them build a successful business that focuses on serving their clients for life.

-Steve Trang