At Stunning Homes Realty, we have five core values. These core values guide all of the decisions that we make.


Personal development. Innovation. Humility. Darren Daily. Audible. Everyday, you're better than the day before. Your business is better every year.


Love watching the people in the brokerage grow. As you guys grow, have the people around you grown, too? We affect our clients in the most important decisions in their lives. Give back to community.


Give more value and service than anybody else. At SHR, we give more tools to succeed than our competition. We also deliver move value to our clients than anybody else.


Everything we do is excellence. Business cards, signs, service, tools, technology, photos, videos, marketing materials.

Service & Support

SHR strives to give each agent the ultimate customer service experience. This has created a culture where everybody gladly helps each other. We also expect each and every one of you to deliver the same ultimate customer service experience.
These values extend into everything that we do. It's not just for our business. We also make it easy to remember.


As an agent at our firm, you are expected to live and breathe these values. As a client of Stunning Homes Realty, you should feel these values when you interact with our agents. If you ever feel that we are not living up to these values, please call me, the owner, at 480-266-9960 or send an email to